This is our first funny article. This was about a guy who was angry for being banned multiple times. He argued with a nice admin who was doing his job, only to epically fail.

Epic Fails 1!

Topic:.. you annoy me.. User: "Ghoster29387"

Josephyr: Sorry about that bud

Ghoster29387: do you know how?

Josephyr: Nope. I'm a cheery little fella - how could anyone be annoyed by me?

Ghoster29387: you banned me 5 times for stupid reasons when I said please don't

Josephyr: If I remember correctly, you received plenty of warnings, and refused to adhere to an admin's requests. But please, don't come back from a block and start bickering again, let's put that all in the past, shall we?

Ghoster29387: fine but I ask Youlanda to unblock me again i dont expect to be blocked

Josephyr: No, do not ask her again. You've been told time and time again to no longer contact Youlanda, and you need to obey that.

Ghoster29387: ehhh how about no

Josephyr: How about I block you again? We won't tolerate a rule-breaking user, and your immature lack of respect for authority and rule-following is not benefitting Community Central. Think carefully before you do something silly.

Ghoster29387: ehhh how about no

Josephyr: Too bad compadre.


Here is a user banned for Homophobic Language. Watch and laugh as this troll gets banned and tries to explain himself.

Epic Fails 2!

Topic:...Homophobic language...

Sannse not okay. Not in this community, or anywhere on Wikia. I have deleted your post.

Founder of Secrets: Homophobic? Did I say something. Please link me, cuz I have homo friends lol. I mean to an extent I am homophobic to SOME people, like you know people like a school bully called Keith(we cal him Keith), I heard he his homo and he is jacked up and stuff and rude, so other than people like him I am pretty much alright with homos

Founder of Secrets: Hey, I got blocked. Why?

Sannse: Because both "lesbo" and "homo" are derogatory words for gay people. I'm sure you know this, but if you didn't you do now.

Founder of Secrets: Gay people are bold, these two lesbos slapped me but gays are kinda bold and nice. Especially the one who sometimes is more feminine, and they are good friends. Just be careful you don't attract them or their boyfriends will get angry, my female friends boyfriend got angry at me for "seducing her"...... Lol